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Updated the assault rifle exchange. Accueil Discussions Workshop Marché Diffusions. Style Helmet variant standalone item that has a gas mask attached. Updated the item description for the Blaser R specialist contract. Updated the Heavy Armor Fairy Tale glowing textures. It now also has a scope attached.

Nom: infestation the newz
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Crash ao entrar no carro. Nothing jewz is final and we are still tweaking settings and numbers on the fly so please let us know further feedback and ideas! You need 10 SNP bullets and 1 empty Winchester clip to craft this. Please let us know further feedback! Added a new iron sight for the Honey Badger Neon Dragon.

Weekend Event Sale -Special weekend event infetsation is also active during this time. Radiation zones are now also in the Open World game-mode. This is for all game-modes so also in Survival. Updated the store icon of the Fire Axe. Updated the Heavy Armor Fairy Tale glowing textures. Added a new component item called: Added a new scope: Removed some unused skin recipe icons tge nezw game jewz.

Nouveau FPS pas nouveau : Infestation : The New Z | NoFrag

Suche noch ein paar deutsche Mitspieler für den offiziellen Server zum looten und auf Spielerjagt zu gehen. Radiation zones not the final name yet randomly appear through out the maps and are basically a temporary high damage area.


Added a new knfestation sight for the L85 Destruction.

Added a new crafting recipe for the Armor Plates. Added a new crafting recipe for the SVD Mag. Added a new iron sight for the M4 Stuffed.

Infestation: Survivor Stories — Wikipédia

Fixed the shadow settings on high and ultra quality. Want to support us even more? Added a new spray called: Survivor Stories ferme ses serveurs après 4 ans d’activité, le jeu a été repris par un développeur indépendant Fredaikis [ 1 ]. New a new crafting recipe for the SMG Mag.

Infestation: The New Z

Survivor Stories anciennement The War Z est un jeu vidéo de survival horror avec des zombie dans un monde ouvert développé infestatlon Hammerpoint Interactive. These seasons will be every month from now on and will be in every game-mode.

This item will be a main component to craft drum type ammo. These assault rifle bullets can then continue to be used to craft any assault rifle ammo.

Added a new skin for the K. To tip it off there is a chance a « Toxic Super Zombie » spawns in this area. Added neewz new iron sight for the Honey Badger Red Dragon.


infestation the newz

Style Infesration Mask » to the loot tables. This can neqz crafted using a clean sweep III and some other items. Added a new iron sight for the Honey Badger Black Night. There is cool downs and timers and only one radiation fhe can be up at a time.

Updated the pistol exchange. Please let us know in the comments if you have any further questions.

infestation the newz

Added a new iron sight for the M4 King of the Sea. This is done to prevent all the abuse and issues players have been reporting recently. Increased the price of the « Reflex Sight » from to Updated nrwz mixed exchange. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Infestation.